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Wound Care

Comprehensive Wound Care Products in Langley City

Have you or someone you know got injured? Are you looking for a place where you can find all wound care products under one roof? At Valley Evergreen Pharmacy, we offer a comprehensive range of wound care products in Langley City for your faster recovery and better health.

Whether it is caring for a wounded patient in the hospital or taking care of someone at home, the process goes through multiple phases. Each phase of wound healing needs the continuation of care as the prescription changes. Count on quality healthcare supplies and our caring staff to assist you throughout the process and make medical supplies easily accessible for you. If you have wounds that aren’t healing, please don’t wait long to visit us for a consultation. Give us a call.

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A Complete Assortment of Wound Care Products

You can be sure of finding everything you need at our pharmacy to ensure the best wound care, including: 


  • Medical tapes

  • Alcohol pads

  • Medical gloves

  • Medical drapes

  • Gauze rolls

  • Non-woven sponges 

  • Suture removal kits

  • Bandages and dressings

  • And more

Take Advantage of a 20% Discount

Get immediate supplies for severe and chronic wounds from one of the best medical care solutions providers in the region. Reach out to us today with your requirements, and we will surely help you. We offer a 20% discount on products for senior citizens on the last Saturday of each month. However, prescriptions are excluded from this offer. Some exceptions are also applicable.

Wound Care Products

From alcohol pads to gauge rolls, we carry a wide range of wound care products for your immediate needs.

Medical bandages with scissors and sticking plaster.jpeg
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