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Post Mastectomy

Permanent and Temporary Post Mastectomy Products in Langley City

Mastectomy is the complete removal of a breast through surgery. If you have had the surgery, you can choose to use a prosthetic in place of the removed breast. At Valley Evergreen Pharmacy, we offer post mastectomy products in Langley City to help you regain a more natural shape. We offer both temporary and permanent prostheses to meet your unique needs. Mastectomy bras with pockets are also available to aid in holding the prosthesis in place. These bras are specially designed to support the weight of the breast when healing.


Since these products have a significant impact on your healing process, it is important that you choose the right product. Once the prescription is provided to us, our experienced team ensures that you have found the right solution. 

When it comes to medical solutions, every person’s needs are different. We keep this in mind when providing solutions to customers, ensuring complete satisfaction. Give us a call, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be delighted to answer all your questions.

Post Mastectomy Products

Let us help you find the most suitable post mastectomy products for support and ease after surgery.

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