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Prescription Refills

Fast and Easy Online Prescription Refills in Langley City

If you take prescribed medicines every day and need your medication refilled quickly without waiting at a doctor’s office, contact us for online prescription refills in Langley City. Valley Evergreen Pharmacy strives to make your everyday medication refills as quick and convenient as possible and can also provide new prescription refills for common health conditions. We arrange online consultations for patients with one of our licensed and experienced medical providers and immediately process their refill once the medical evaluation is completed.

We also welcome patients to visit our pharmacy in Langley City for an in-person medication refill service. Our staff is professional and helpful in arranging fast refills and has the knowledge to handle requests for a wide range of common health concerns. We can also do local deliveries free of charge and deliver your prescription medication to your doorstep in a secure and discreet way. Call us to schedule your prescription refill.

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Convenience Like Never Before

Getting your daily prescription refilled anytime by Valley Evergreen Pharmacy is just like consulting your doctor in a private setting minus the time spent waiting at the reception. We provide both offline consultations at our pharmacy as well as online consultations via our Medicine Centre Pharmacy mobile application.


During the consultation, our medical provider will review your current condition and the medication you are taking. If your prescription qualifies for a refill, we will arrange for a short-term medication supply for you.

Get Your Prescription

Easily refill your prescription at your convenience without leaving your couch.

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